The solution to Nigeria’s systemic problem is BAT: Honorable Akin Alabi tells Ibadans as he empowers 500 more constituents in the Egbeda/Ona Ara FD constituency.

Honorable Akin Alabi, the lawmaker representing Egbeda/Ona Ara federal constituency in the House of Representatives, has stated that Alhaji Bola Ahmed Tinubu (BAT) is Nigeria’s only messiah capable of rescuing the country from the current storm.

Honorable Akin Alabi announced this yesterday during this month’s special empowerment program for members of his constituents.

The lawmaker revealed this as the country prepares for a power transition in 2023. Nigerians must discard all bias and sentiments surrounding the presidential candidate of the ALL PROGRESSIVE CONGRESS, BAT, as he remains the best among all candidates, taking into account his capacity, audacity, and a large enough network to bring about a positive change in Nigeria.

Apart from the fact that he is still a loyal member of the ruling party, Honorable Alabi stated. It is pointless to claim that Bola Ahmed Tinubu is the only person capable of repositioning and bringing about the positive change that Nigerians desire.

While emphasizing that the problem in Nigeria is not cosmetic but systemic, necessitating a systemic approach, he stated that the failure of the system remains the main issue, necessitating a constitutional change.

Honorable Akin Alabi explained that the desired process “is not something that anyone can do because it’s a very tedious process from the national assembly to all the various state houses of assembly across the federation, it’s not like an electoral act that can be done at the National Assembly, the constitution has to go to all the various houses of assemblies.”

Meanwhile, he stated that the track record of the APC presidential candidate speaks volumes: “before you can build bridges across the federation, both north and south, you need someone with the capacity, sagacity, and network of an Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu.”

While speaking about the special empowerment program in which the least of the 500 beneficiaries received 50,000 naira as support fund, he revealed that this month’s edition is different, having responded to the request and clamor of his constituents who called for the inclusion of male gender in the monthly empowerment scheme.

Furthermore, he promised that he will not relent in his efforts to spread the dividend of democracy among his constituents and to deliver his service to humanity.

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