The Costain Bridge’s illegally parked trucks, tankers, and trailers have received a seven-day “Removal Order” notice from the Lagos State Traffic Management Authority (LASTMA).

Owners/occupiers of illegal structures, shanties, kiosks, and containerized shops under the Costain Bridge down to the Iganmu axis are also affected by the “Removal Order,” according to Sola Giwa, the Special Adviser to the Governor on Transportation, who led LASTMA officials to serve the notice in the area.

He revealed that the seven-day notice follows several days of inspections by government officials as part of a general cleanup exercise of the area.

“It was an eyesore seeing the level of degradation of our roads by the activities of these illegal squatters with miscreants and hoodlums freely smoking and selling Indian hemp under the bridge,” he said.

In addition, LASTMA General Manager Bolaji Oreagba stated that upon the expiration of the ‘Removal Order’ notice on Sunday, September 18, 2022, LASTMA officials would conduct a thorough clean-up around the area and clamp down on all criminal elements disturbing law-abiding citizens and motorists.

Oreagba emphasized that illegal business operators, such as iron benders, mechanics, and food/fruit vendors, among others, have turned the area into an unhealthy environment, adding that they have littered the entire vicinity with refuse and waste materials.

“It is worth noting that none of these drivers, including owners of illegal structures, mechanics, and other operators under Costain Bridge, have any permit from the State Government,” he added.

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