CSP Olumuyiwa Adejobi, the Force Spokesperson, revealed this on Wednesday in Lagos, while addressing reporters on the project.

Adejobi stated that the idea of providing officers and personnel with suitable housing, an initiative of I-GP Usman Baba, has begun in various states, with some houses having since been launched.

The Federal Highway Patrol, MTX Highway, Adekunle, Agege, Alausa, Area F, Bar-Beach, Bourdillon, Falomo, and Ijeh Police Barracks are among the Lagos barracks that have been impacted, according to a force spokesperson.

Others include the Obalende Barracks, Police Officers’ Mess Obalende, K 9 Police Barracks, Kam Salem, SQ MTX McCarthy, Mopol 2 Keffi, Mounted Troops, Ijora, SQ MTX Ijora, SQ MTX Iponri, and Women Barracks, among others.

According to Adejobi, residents of the impacted barracks named were asked to leave their residences within the next 30 days, beginning on Monday, May 1, to make way for the buildings’ painless demolition and rebuilding.

He emphasized that they would receive money to secure housing for the anticipated duration of the project, which was two years, which would be determined by a census of the occupants in the barracks to determine whether or not they were actual officers residing in those facilities.

Adejobi stated that until compensation was given to police for new housing, they would not be compelled to leave their apartments.

“We didn’t drive anyone from the barracks. Between May 1 and May 30, they should go. They won’t be asked to leave until they have paid for a new place to stay, he said.

Following the recent collapse of a building at the Sango Police Barracks in Ibadan, Oyo State, the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) reports that I-GP Usman Baba issued orders for the evacuation of officers and men in dilapidated buildings in Lagos.

The I-GP stated that the barracks reconstruction became required in light of the danger the structures posed to the officers and soldiers in a signal dated April 26 to Zonal and State Police Commands.

The order, according to Baba, was issued to avoid additional collapses of police buildings and to protect the lives and property of police officers inside the barracks.

The Special Assistant to the Governor on Housing, Mrs. Oritoke Benson, spoke on behalf of the Lagos State Government, which claimed that some police barracks in Lagos had been “crying” for help for too long. She emphasized that the state government had made the decision to contact the Force Headquarters for assistance in rehabilitating the barracks and facilities.

Benson remarked that there have been long-standing calls for the reformation of the Force and improved welfare for the members, and she questioned where the welfare should start if not with appropriate housing.

She made note of the fact that the Lagos State Government officials had designated some of the Barracks’ structures for demolition because the majority of them were no longer fit for human occupancy.

“We examined other police barracks in Lagos State and questioned whether officers and personnel ever left those structures. This might have an impact on how they interact with or handle citizens in the course of their work.

Some of them are leaving collapsing buildings. These cops may feel resentment that the state has abandoned them when they see people in air-conditioned vehicles.

“I am pleased that the State and Federal Governments are giving in to the push for reform. She highlighted that the police in Lagos and other states deserved better housing, better amenities, and better schools for their kids.

According to Benson, the state will facilitate the approval of all new plans, ensuring that the best buildings would be created to prevent future building collapses in police barracks.

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