Here are five things we are looking forward to this season.

Saturday Night Get-togethers

The reality show BBNaija Saturday parties are authentic! The housemates are usually ‘turnt,’ and the parties are usually light, thanks to Biggie bringing in excellent DJs every week. The festivities that take place following the celebrations are frequently another highlight of the evening. The housemates are typically high-energy individuals who are always up to something. Sometimes fights break out, or things get heated.


Prior to the epidemic, the Ninjas were a regular feature of the show. Fans enjoyed seeing them in their mute form. They are usually robotic and follow Big Brother’s orders. They do, however, bring their enthusiasm to the act. Consider the Pepper Dem season, when a Ninja assigned to spread dirt around the home stumbled and fell. It was hilarious and quickly went viral on social media.

Sundays are eviction days.

The Expulsion Sundays are generally the most peaceful days in the house. Because the housemates are usually sober and thoughtful, the drama of the week usually does not make it into this day. The unknown of who would leave Biggie’s residence is usually at the forefront of their minds.

Housemates who are about to be evicted are frequently nervous and gathering their belongings. Those who are safe are left wondering which of their friends will be leaving. The day’s stress is not felt solely by the housemates; viewers are usually hoping and praying that their countless votes will be enough to keep their favorite in the house.


Consider a season of BBNaija without ships. Nah!! The show revolves mostly around ships. There is always a ship, from partnerships to friendships to situationships. The ships are more exciting because of their capacity to sail and sink as rapidly as feasible.

It’s also worth noting that there are no restrictions on how many ships one can enter. We observe housemates going in and out of ships and even making shapes with them. Triangles, Squares, and so on, depending on the number of housemates.


Big Brother Naija and drama are the perfect combination. Without drama, there is no BBNaija. From the housemates doing theirs around the clock in the house to the supporters doing theirs around the clock on social media. From every aspect, it’s usually a drama party.

Twists and turns are a huge part of the show with BBNaija, as the enigmatic Big Brother constantly has something up his sleeve that ruffles feathers in the house among the housemates and fans outside.

We’re looking forward to all of this and more on this season of BBNaija, and we’ll be watching all of the drama on Showmax around the clock.

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