Eyinatayo Iluyomade, a 19-year-old comedian from Lagos, was sentenced to prison for pulling practical jokes by leaving a robbery threat note at the FirstBank counter in Ondo town, Ondo State.

Police filed three counts against Iluyomade, including one each for conspiracy, threatening behavior, and acting in a way that could compromise national security.

Akao Moremi, the police prosecutor, informed the court that the defendant left a note at the bank warning that his armed robbery gang members would arrive to rob the bank at 1 pm on the same date.

The Sabo branch of FirstBank in Ondo town, according to Moremi, was under threat of a security breach, and the note also forced all banks operating in Ondo to close for the entire day.

The accused entered a not guilty plea to the charge leveled against him.

However, Hawkins Akinnugba, the defense attorney, requested the defendant’s bail in the most lenient terms possible.

However, the police prosecutor opposed the bail application on the grounds that the defendant would tamper with the purpose of the investigation because there were other criminal components to the threat.

The application for bail was denied by the trial magistrate, Mosunmola Ikujuni, pending the arrest of additional criminal gang members.

However, the defendant informed the court that he is a comedian and that the note he left at the FirstBank was a joke, adding that he previously performed this in Lagos before moving to Ondo town.

Iluyomade begged the court to pardon him and vowed never to pull another prank like this

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