A five-storey structure under construction at 45 Ladipo Oluwole in Apapa GRA, Lagos State, fell yesterday.

This horrific occurrence occurs only 72 hours after a seven-story structure collapsed in the state’s Banana Island district.

According to the Lagos State Government, the developer disregarded the ‘stop work and shut up orders’ issued by the Lagos State Building Control Agency (LASBCA).

On its platform yesterday evening, the physical planning incident management had noted the situation.

“This immediately led to preliminary investigations that revealed officers of LASBCA had issued a number of contravention notices: ‘stop work and seal up orders,’ which the developer ignored and continued with construction without any recourse whatsoever to the authorities,” the statement continued.

The agency has sealed off and taken control of the location even though there have been no reported casualties.

Mukaila Sanusi, the state’s deputy director of public affairs for the ministry of physical planning and urban development, issued a warning, noting that this occurrence and others like it serve as more evidence of the need for all parties involved in the built environment to act responsibly.

“The state government has immediately activated inquiries into the collapse to unravel the minute details and guide appropriate actions,” the official continued.

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