Mayowa Dele, 36, was arrested by Lagos police for allegedly killing his lover and removing her private parts.

When he was detained, the culprit also attempted to cook the body parts for concoction, according to the police.

The prosecutor for the police, Thomas Nurudeen, informed the court that the contents of the saucepan he set fire to were discovered to be some of the deceased’s body parts.

According to Thomas, an Assistant Superintendent of Police, the event occurred on Ijedodo Road in the Ijegun area of Lagos, where the remains of the victim, Mercy, were discovered.

“My Lord, three defendants were also detained for their claimed complicity in Mercy’s murder: Oluwakemi Azeez (20), Oyedegun Adewale (27) and Jejelaye Osusola (22).

“Aside from cooking some of the body parts, he also put some inside a cement bag and kept it in his room, while the remaining parts were wrapped in bed sheets and buried in an unfinished structure in the vicinity,” police added.

The police stated that, while the motivation for the murder had not been established, detectives from the state command received intelligence, raided the residence, and retrieved the deceased’s body parts as exhibits.

According to ASP Nurudeen, the discovery led to the arrest of the principal suspect, who was arrested for questioning about the heinous incident.

During questioning, he stated that the suspect implicated the others.

However, when they were arraigned, the court did not take their plea because the prosecution requested that the case be referred to the Department of Public Prosecution (DPP) for legal advice.

Mr. P.E. Nwaka, the magistrate, ordered their remand at the correctional facility until the conclusion of the DPP’s advice and told the prosecutor to duplicate the file and transmit it to the DPP.

The case was postponed until the DPP’s report was completed.

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