Ben Hundeyin, the Public Relations Officer of the Lagos State Police Command, has stated that singer BNXN will be sanctioned for spitting on a police officer.

BNXN described his encounter with a police officer who dragged, slapped, and tore his shirt, forcing him to spit on him in a now-deleted tweet.

“Spat in a police officer’s face and it felt so good,” the deleted tweet reads. I let you into my car and you dragged and tore my shirt before slapping me? (Sic) Everyone must stop!”

In response to a screenshot of the tweet, Ben Hundeyin stated that the officer will be sanctioned for misbehavior if it is proven, and that BNXN will also answer for such assault.

“@BNXN proudly tweeted that he’spat in a police officer’s face and it felt so good,” Hundeyin said. He later deleted the tweet.

“If proven, the officers’ misbehavior will be sanctioned, while @BNXN will undoubtedly answer for his assault on a police officer.”

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