Collins Ajereh, better known by his stage name Don Jazzy, is a well-known music producer from Nigeria who has criticized him for posting sexual content online.
According to Naija News, the head of the record label, who is known for always encouraging up-and-coming artists and businesspeople, posted a disturbing video of a slippery cucumber that was used to promote a sexual product on his Instagram page.

Contrary to other posts on his page, the video received three times as much engagement, and many people criticized Don Jazzy for its explicit content.

The music producer responded to the critics by calling them hypocrites and claiming that some of the people who were condemning the post were already buying it.

He claims that he makes an effort to support others’ businesses without asking for payment, but some people choose not to like or comment on the post.

So I think some of you are hypocrites, he wrote. I make an effort every day to support other people’s ventures and hustles by posting their songs or comedic skits.

Some of you scroll through it without stopping. It’s okay if you didn’t like the content or didn’t give a f**k about it. We’ll keep working hard. As of right now, the number of slippery cucumber posts is insane.

Some people expressed displeasure and continued to scroll after complaining. By the way, while the hypocrites whine, the young woman who runs the business has told me that she is already making a ton of sales, and that’s what matters to me. If the content doesn’t appeal to you, keep scrolling while ignoring everything else.

Also, it’s a free advertisement. Like I always say, I have never demanded payment from a content creator or small business for a repost.

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