Prof. Alewo Johnson-Akubo, the Vice Chancellor (VC) of Salem University, has urged the Federal Government to permit private universities to receive TETfund funding in order to achieve the desired level of educational development for the nation.

In an interview with newsmen on Thursday in Lokoja, the Vice Chancellor, who made the call, characterized it as “very fundamental and necessary” to improve the country’s educational system.

Johnson-Akubo said: “Considering the significant roles we play in the educational system, it is bewailing why private universities are not included in the TETfund funding as the public universities.”

Without a doubt, TETfund is typically funded by proceeds from what could be considered a commonwealth because we are all producing graduates who will work for the country as a whole.

“I believe it is past time for such discrimination to end. This is due to the fact that no graduate will be discouraged from working in a particular position simply because they attended a private university.

“Since we are all working toward the same goal, I am urging the government to ensure that private universities receive the same benefits from the TETfund as public universities.

In fact, if you asked me which universities should receive funding from TETfund, I would say the private institutions because of their higher rankings.

This is due to the fact that funding private universities is comparable to getting water out of flint rocks. I have the honor of leading a private university, and I am familiar with financial dynamics, ” he claimed.

The VC pointed out that while private universities, which have nothing at all, are barred from TETfund access while public universities have budgetary allocations, TETfund, other grants, and all kinds of subventions.

He asserts that there is no justification for delaying the inclusion of private universities in the TETfund’s overall plan.

“My clarion call to the Federal Government is to see that private universities, as one of the brightest hopes for the country’s university education, benefit from TETfund as soon as possible,” he said.

Salem University, according to the vice chancellor, “is that one institution where you bring your wards or children and we return them to you in four years finished products in every ramification and devoid of strike,” he said.

In regards to the ASUU strike, the VC urged both the government and union leadership to look for ways to compromise and shift their positions in order to protect the interests of parents and loitering students.

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