Harrison Okiri, also known as Harrysong, a Nigerian singer, has verified his arrest by the Lagos State Police Command.
Following a plea made to the Inspector General of Police by music executive Soso Soberekon, Harrysong was arrested on Tuesday morning after landing in Nigeria, according to Naija News.

In the video, the beleaguered musician is seen walking alongside a man who appears to be a police officer.

In a fresh development, Harrysong revealed what transpired on his Instagram page.

According to the artist, he was arrested shortly after landing in Lagos and his phone was confiscated, and police authorities refused to allow him to speak with his supporters.

“I got detained as soon as I landed in Lagos, my phone has been taken, and they won’t let me communicate with my people,” he tweeted.

According to Naija News, Harrysong recently stated in an interview that all friendships in the music industry are phony.

He also claimed that Soso was his adversary, claiming that the music executive sent goons to assassinate him in Port Harcourt.

It Is Very Disappointing

In response, Soso expressed disappointment in Harrysong in an Instagram post, questioning why the singer would make such an irresponsible and disrespectful statement.

Soso seeks an instant retraction of Harrysong’s declaration, an apology, and N500 million in compensation in a court document made public.

He also advised his fans to keep calm because he will handle the situation appropriately and legally.

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