Nasir Kabir, 25, was arrested with a pistol by Kano State police in the Gadon Kaya area of Kano city.

Kabir admitted to the police that he tried to kill his father three times in order to inherit his wealth and enjoy it like his friends.

He stated that the decision to murder his father came after one of his friends received a large sum of money after his father died in 2018 and purchased a motorcycle.

“My father is kind and I love him,” Kabir told reporters as he was paraded by the police. He also looks after me. But I tried to kill him so that I could inherit his money. It all began when my friend’s father died and I saw that he was given a huge amount of money. From then, I thought of killing my dad too.

“The first attempt was in 2018, when I was in high school, and I used rat poison, but my father survived.” So, this time I took his car without his permission, had an accident, and didn’t go to the house for over three months. That’s why I decided to buy a gun.

“One of my friends, Saifullahi Sani, called and said there was a gun we could use but it was for sale.” I went and got the gun, then went to a nearby location and shot in the air. That’s when I was arrested before I even got home.”

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