Usman Baba-Alkali, the IGP, has asked political parties and candidates to let the police control their campaigns for the general elections in 2023.

In a conversation with newsmen on Sunday in Maiduguri, Baba-Alkali made the call.

According to Baba-Alkali, the action was taken to prevent any potential collapse of law and order.

“I’m pleading with the political leaders and parties to give us the chance to control their processions, gatherings, and campaigns to prevent clashes.

The Commissioner of Police is not stating that you must obtain a permit before holding a rally or campaigning, but rather that he needs to be informed so that he can provide security for the location and alert you if another party is also campaigning so that you can choose an other day.

The IGP stated, “It’s a matter of regulating for the benefit of all, to prevent things from going out of control.”

The IGP promised that the force was committed to guaranteeing election security, but added that no politician or party would be allowed to utilize phony security personnel.

He emphasized the importance of community policing once more and said that the force has deployed the 10,000 police officers it had earlier hired to their various LGAs to improve community policing.

In order to complete training with 10,000 additional recruits before the election, Baba-Alkali stated.

In Borno, the Civilian Joint Task Force (CJTF) played a significant role in exposing rebels in local areas to the police. He made note of this.

“Without CJTF injection, the victories we had against Boko-Haram would not have been conceivable.

“The CJTF considerably helped because they knew who was who in the region and helped security flush them out,” said the CJTF. We want to imitate that.

The IGP stated that “security is about everyone playing their part; what your next-door neighbor is doing must interest you.”

During his two-day working tour to Borno, Baba-Alkali launched certain police projects in Beneshiek and Maiduguri.

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