Former House of Representatives deputy speaker Emeka Ihedioha has clarified a statement in which he is alleged to have called Peter Obi’s supporters saboteurs. He also expressed regret for the predicament.

He received criticism for a comment he is said to have made at an Igbo community’s new yam ceremony in Accra, Ghana, in which he is said to have referred to Obi’s supporters as saboteurs.

The former Imo State governor, however, asserted in a statement on Friday that his critics had misinterpreted him.

“It can’t be me, that. It is not in keeping with who I am and is far from the truth. I even support disagreement among members of my immediate nuclear family, Ihedioha said on Sunrise Daily on Channels Television.

“My stance was very straightforward. I was addressing our people when I said that the PDP had been loyal to us, supported us, and given us the chance to produce a governor in our state. I am a Mbaise man. They have a chance, I told them, so they shouldn’t sabotage our attempts to retake power. The context and that were it.

He berated those who criticized his remark, claiming that they did not comprehend the context in which it was made.

Ihedioha continued, “If you do watch the tape, you will find the context.” It has definitely been exaggerated.

The PDP leader, however, expressed regret to those who might have been offended by his remark and insisted that he respected people’s decisions, particularly in politics.

Therefore, he said, “I am deeply sorry to all those – millions of Nigerians specifically of southeast extraction – who are hurt by my use of language.

“I don’t mean to offend anyone, and everyone has the right to freely express their political views. Many of my friends are members of different political parties, but we still communicate.

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