The All Progressives Congress, APC, is currently experiencing a leadership crisis that may have taken a new turn as a result of recent plots by some party stakeholders to assassinate Senator Abdullahi Adamu, the party’s national chairman.

At a convention to choose members of the APC National Working Committee NWC, Adamu was confirmed as the party’s national chairman on March 26.

Although there had been an accumulation of grievances against Adamu, there had been no moves to have him removed.

The weekend brought indications that some APC stakeholders were attempting to remove the party chairman as part of a problem-solving effort to appease the Christian bloc within the party.

The attempt, according to an APC leader who asked to remain anonymous, was to balance power within the party.

Second, even though it is election season, Adamu hasn’t done as much as many of us expected. We need the party’s bureaucracy to function effectively during this time, but how can you expect them to do so when you can’t even pay them? One thing that could work against the chairman is that.

Additionally, before becoming the national chairman of the party, he served as the Chairman of the APC National Reconciliation Committee. We had hoped that he would have been able to settle the significant disagreements by this point, but that has not happened.

President Muhammadu Buhari, the party’s leader, also urged us to return the money that candidates for the position of national chairman paid to attend the convention that elected Adamu. Millions were paid by applicants, but we haven’t refunded them. These are some of the issues.”

Party has not yet reimbursed candidates’ nomination fees.

Another criticism of Adamu was that, more than four months after President Buhari ordered the party to refund the nomination fees to all candidates who withdrew in favor of the party’s consensus arrangement at the party’s National Convention on March 26, the party has still not complied with the directive.

As a result of its consensus arrangement, the party was supposed to have reimbursed candidates from the ward to the national level who were forced to withdraw for others.

The party had also neglected to pay staff salaries on time over the previous two months.

According to a different source, “the staff only received their July pay last Friday as opposed to payment on the 25th of every month, while the June salary was paid in the middle of July.

It should be remembered that President Buhari persuaded eight national chairmanship aspirants to resign in favor of a consensus candidate by promising to refund their nomination fee during a meeting with them on March 23 at the Villa in an effort to perfect a consensus arrangement prior to the party’s National Convention on March 27.

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