The Kogi government and Dangote Cement Plc. management are at odds over ownership of the cement company.

The recent temporary shutdown of the cement industry by certain youths has resulted in a standoff between the state government and the (Cement) company, which is located in Obajana, close to Lokoja.

The state administration said on Saturday that the Dangote cement company’s management was scheming to disrupt public order in the state.

The state government stated in a statement published by the state Commissioner for Information, Kingsley Fanwo, in Lokoja, claimed it had proof to back up its charges.

“We discovered specific intentions by the corporation at a meeting last night to generate havoc across the state as a retaliation strategy against the state government’s decision to obtain its own legally supported stock from the cement company,” the commissioner stated.

The commissioner also claimed that the company’s management planned to use other security measures to harass government personnel.

“They resolved to block all major roadways across the state with their trucks in order to make traffic in the state uncomfortable.”

“If the (cement) business attempts to follow out any of his threats or denies our accusations, which are substantiated by facts,” Fanwo said, “we will expose photos and audio of their meeting on this.”

Mr Abubakar Jibrin, one of the company’s public relations officials, refused to comment on the topic.

However, Dangote Cement Plc. management claimed that the state government reportedly used a gang of people to destroy the company’s assets and injure some employees.

According to a statement made by Dangote Cement PlcCorporate .’s Communications Department in Lokoja, some persons raided the cement plant on Wednesday.

“As a result of the invasion, no fewer than 27 employees of the company are currently in poor health.”

“Cement trucks were also burned, and many others were vandalized as they stole the company’s buses and vans forcibly.”

“Our vehicles carrying diesel have been targeted on Anyigba road since the attack,” the statement claimed.

According to the statement, some victims of the invasion are now being treated at the emergency department of the Kogi State Specialist Hospital in Lokoja.

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