The Lagos House of Assembly has refuted claims that it secretly passed a Sharia Bill to win Northerners’ support for Sen. Bola Tinubu, the APC’s presidential candidate.

In a statement on Wednesday, Mr. Setonji David, the chairman of the House Committee on Information, Security, and Strategy, announced this.

The News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) cites an online publication that claimed the Lagos State Assembly had quickly passed a bill creating Sharia courts and that the current governor had then signed it into law, establishing Sharia law in Lagos state.

The report was a complete fabrication from the pit of hell, according to David, speaking on behalf of Badagry II.

No informed person, according to the spokesperson, should believe such untruths about the assembly because they go above and beyond the norm. He or she also added that the news was far from the truth.

He declared: “A malicious and unfounded report making the rounds on social media has attracted the attention of the Lagos State House of Assembly.

In an effort to win over the North’s support for Tinubu, the APC presidential candidate, the assembly is said to have secretly passed a sharia law.

To clarify, this is merely a figment of the writer’s imagination and a complete lie from the pit of hell, so we won’t have deigned the author of this hate speech.

“This lie against the assembly is above the common standard of excellence, and no intelligent person should believe it. The news is not at all accurate.

“Some people are just mischievous. Spreading all sorts of untrue stuff. Is it possible to pass a law under cover?

“The process of law making is universal and very open. You cannot pass a law without subjecting it to public hearing in Lagos state.”

David urged residents of the state and Nigerians as a whole to take the peddlers of this unfounded report as uninformed, and uneducated people who needed to be schooled about the law making process.

He said Tinubu was a fast selling product across the country and does not need any law from the state to further endear him to all Nigerians.

The lawmaker said by the special grace of God, Tinubu would emerge winner of the 2023 presidential election to the shame of purveyors of the hate news.

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