Florence Otedola, popularly known as DjCuppy, a famous Nigerian DJ, has revealed why she has remained single, claiming that most men who come into her life are not looking for true love but for her father’s wealth.

Cuppy, the daughter of billionaire business mogul Femi Otedola, has had a string of bad relationships in recent years, but she claims she is unconcerned because she has focused on her career and education to become the woman she truly admires.

Cuppy, who also hinted at her intention to return to school to study agriculture, stated that it is not her fault that men are fixated on her father’s influence, adding that whenever she engages a potential lover, the next question he asks is, “When am I going to meet your father?”

“Then I ask them why they are always talking about my father and not about me and what we are up to.” I’m curious why they’re all focused on meeting my father whenever we have a conversation. “I’m just curious why my father’s name always comes up in conversation,” she inquired.

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