Debo Adedayo, a Nigerian comedian and skit creator known as Mr. Macaroni, claims that supporters of a particular presidential candidate have threatened him and his family because they think he is opposed to their candidate of choice.

On Sunday, the comedian made this disclosure via his official Twitter account, saying that he had been the victim of online bullying. However, he withheld the name of the presumed Labour Party presidential candidate, Peter Obi, who he did not identify.

He asserts that Nigerians must choose the best candidates for the various leadership positions in the nation.

In addition, he said, Nigerians must individually evaluate the candidates by “examining their past records, their current state of mind, and their capacity and capability vis-à-vis the respective positions they wish to occupy.”

“I visited my mother two weeks ago,” he wrote. As I always do whenever I get home, I was handing out cash to a few neighbors. A female approached me and inquired as to why I was opposed to a particular candidate. I stated that I am not hostile to anyone. All I desire is a better nation.

And we can only elect capable leaders when we do that. She continued by warning me to exercise caution because they are aware of my family’s residence. When I questioned whether that constituted a threat, she kept talking nonstop. I was with my sister and manager, and I have a video!

I could go on and on about the various threats I’ve received from party members or backers of a presidential candidate who somehow think I’m against their choice. tribal propaganda and various online attacks that engage in cyberbullying.

“There is a great deal of dishonesty present, and it only gets worse with time. But I won’t ever change my message! Nigerians have endured enough suffering! Look around you and consider the significant difficulties our nation is experiencing.

“Nowhere has a Messiah appeared! We must choose the best candidates to fill the country’s leadership positions if we want to have a chance at a better nation by 2023. We must evaluate each candidate on an individual basis by looking at their track records, mental state right now, and capacity and capability in relation to the positions they are applying for.

“Do your homework and choose the best candidates. I’ll end here. Right now!

Similar to this, Femi Kuti, a musician and the son of the late Afrobeat pioneer Fela Anikulapo-Kuti, reported that some Peter Obi supporters had threatened to set fire to the New Afrika Shrine.

Fela’s annual music festival, Felabration, is hosted by the New Afrika Shrine.

Femi Kuti claimed in a video posted on Saturday via his Twitter account that some Obi supporters had threatened to set Afrika Shrine on fire because they believed he was not a “Obidient.” The term “Obidient” was created by Obi’s supporters or members of the “Obidient Movement” to describe who they are.

According to Femi Kuti, his family was also in danger.

I woke up today to insults and abuse directed at me, my family, and my kids, the man claimed. They threatened to burn the shrine because of what they claimed I said about Peter Obi supporters being zombies.

“First, I stated that I couldn’t be obedient because I was upset, sad, and depressed. Who could have thought of such a term? I am unable to obey. kill no one with SARS. My father’s home was set on fire, and my grandmother was killed.

The treatment of my family unfairly. Being obedient means sitting down when requested. I claimed that Obi was Atiku’s friend and served as his vice president. They would already be friends if they had won. I never referred to Peter Obi’s supporters as zombies.

“I don’t like the Obi-dient [campaign slang]. Bola Tinubu, Atiku Abubakar, and Obi are not candidates I support. I have never backed a political party, he continued.

“My family is already in deep sorrow. We will all rejoice if Obi succeeds and changes the situation. But who are you to tell me I shouldn’t have any reservations? Avoid approaching me and threatening to set the shrine on fire. Stop talking like that.

A well-known columnist, Sam Omatseye, claimed recently that he was receiving death threats from Obi supporters because of one of his articles.

He urged Obi to warn his supporters in a tweet he sent on Tuesday.

He stated: “Call your supporters to order, Mr. Peter Obi. They are making death threats over the phone. You will be held accountable if anything happens to me!”

Omatseye claimed that as a former governor of Anambra, Obi had no landmark that could be attributed to him in his opinion piece “Obi-tuary,” which was recently published on The Nation.

He described Obi as being a haven for criminals.

“Obi has turned out to be an excuse for even closet Biafrans to betray open emotions about Biafra without being accused of it,” the opinion stated in part.

This includes the intellectuals who did not have mercy on him while he was the pharisaic governor of Anambra. It’s similar to wearing one color under another. Both criminals and crowd activists now find refuge in Obi.

“Therefore, he (Obi) is using religion as a hook. He now visits churches once a week as a pilgrimage. Jonathan followed suit. The ever-opportunistic pastors think highly of him.

He is in a particular row of pews. This is the man who, during his reign, split Anambra State’s church between Catholics and non-Catholics.

“I can understand those who believe that being frugal is good for the economy because they are considering how they manage their family and personal finances,” the article continues. However, no economy has ever survived through financial saving. It hinders economic growth. He hasn’t been able to explain to us how he will accomplish it or if he already has. We lack a landmark.

However, this essayist can comprehend why Obi knows that the supporters of him will not challenge him. Therefore, he is luring people with religion. He now visits churches once a week as a pilgrimage. Jonathan followed suit. The ever-opportunistic pastors think highly of him. He is in a particular row of pews. This is the man who, during his reign, split the Anambra State church between Catholics and the other believers. While his messengers pollute the air with sanctimonious growl about the Muslim-Muslim ticket, he is attempting to position himself as the Christian candidate of the South. In his cocoon, Kanu will no doubt chuckle as he muses on what he claims to be his sinful romps in hotels.

“The nation watches as Obi’s sectional army insults and berates others while he bounces around from church to church and obscures the hypocrisy among political pastors. But Obi won’t take any action to rein in his rabble because he is aware of how well they are keeping the faithful in their own bubble, where they feed their own illusions. That will continue up until the polls close. The time is not right to thoroughly examine the untrue allegations of Obi’s agenda and hypocrisy. But one thing can be said with certainty. The nation is aware of the nature of the crowd and where it came from before he falters and hurtles towards an electoral Obi-tuary. A group of caterwaulers who are unsuccessfully attempting to seduce those outside its ethno-religious tent.

Prior to this, Obi had to warn his adherents and supporters to avoid being toxic and tolerating the beliefs and viewpoints of others.

In response to his supporters’ criticism of Poju Oyemade, senior pastor of Covenant Christian Centre, and other individuals seen as attacking Obi on social media, the former governor of Anambra made this statement on his Twitter page in July.

Oyemade, for instance, had counseled young people not to waste their zeal on a “poorly planned project.”

Obi noted that accepting other people’s viewpoints will enable potential collaboration with them toward his desire to run for president in the general elections of 2023.

Other individuals who have received threats from Obi’s supporters include Omoyele Sowore, a presidential candidate for the African Action Congress; Deji Adeyanju, a human rights activist; and Reno Omokri, a former presidential aide.

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