Peter Obi, the Labour Party’s presidential candidate, declared yesterday in Abuja that he wanted to give Nigeria and Nigerians purposeful leadership, drawing strength from the populace in general and the youths in particular.

Obi noted that under his leadership, the Nigerian people would be heavily involved in policy formulation and administration at the Success Conference 2022, held on Saturday in Abakaliki, the capital of the Ebonyi state.

“Our leadership’s overall goal for 2023 is to improve governance by streamlining it and making sure it is adaptable, transformative, and efficient. We will show that delivering the essential services to the populace is the essence of good governance.

If I were elected the next president of Nigeria, youths would be the main advocates of my main agenda to change Nigeria from a consuming nation to a producing nation. Human capital development and finance are the two main pillars of this agenda.

Under my Leadership, the Federal Government will Prioritize the Capacity of Our Educational System to Produce the Required Skilled Labor Force That Coincides with the 21st-Century Labor Market Demand, Along with Providing Entrepreneurial Education at All Levels,” he Said.

Given the role that health plays in supporting education in the productivity measure, Obi also emphasized the significance of both health and education for a nation’s development. A comprehensive health insurance program will be implemented under my leadership to guarantee that at least 100 million underprivileged Nigerians have access to free medical care.

If elected, we plan to establish a professionally managed SME Equity Fund within the first year of our administration with the aim of fostering the growth of at least one value-added industry that will make use of the local raw material supply, whether it be mineral or agricultural, in each local government in Nigeria.

The high cost of living, insecurity, and other issues facing the country do not discriminate against ethnicity, tribe, or religion, he reiterated his earlier position that the 2023 election should be based on competence, capacity, and commitment to doing the right thing rather than on ethnicity, tribe, or religion.

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