Adewale Giwa, senior pastor of the Awaiting The Second Coming Of Christ Ministry, has said that until the nation’s ethnic nationalities go their separate ways, no Igbo person in Nigeria can become president.

The well-known pastor claims that the Igbo have not benefited from the country’s operations since it was amalgamated, necessitating the creation of a new Nigeria in order for them to realize their political potential.

Giwa, who made this statement on Monday, emphasized that youths must be strategic in their participation in the process before 2023.

“The Igbo people were marginalized during the amalgamation of Nigeria, and this is why Nigeria needs to be physically and spiritually recreated.

“Nigeria must fall apart in order for an Igbo man to become president. You’ll see that during the recently completed voter registration, they had the lowest numbers. They deliberately set it up that way.

“The youths must begin at the unit level if they intend to move beyond the APC and PDP in 2023. Nigerian politics begins at the unit, ward, local government, and state levels when you examine them. Do they have any representation at the unit, ward, local, and state levels of government?

Therefore, they must begin at the unit level. What political party do they represent? Which political party will they support? Do they intend to target the Labour Party? a man who was a PDP member? a man who participated in multiple political parties before joining the Labour Party?

“They (youths) must begin at the level of their unit, ward, local government, and state. The PDP and APC are the only two political parties that are officially recognized, whether we like it or not.

Peter Obi cannot be the youths’ presidential candidate, he continued. It’s too late to choose a strong candidate now.

“Peter Obi cannot serve as the youth’s voice. He was a PDP member and Atiku Abubakar’s running mate.

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