Ayodeji Oluokun, a pastor, was given a two-year prison sentence by Justice Oluwatoyin Taiwo of an Ikeja Special Offenses Court on Wednesday for writing a 1.6 million dollar bad check.

Oluokun and his company, Peak Petroleum Industry Nigeria Ltd., were both charged on an amended six-count charge that included the issuance of a bad check, theft, and obtaining money through deception.

Justice Taiwo concluded that the prosecution had successfully proven the charge of issuing a bad check against the defendants in her ruling.

However, Taiwo released and cleared the defendants of stealing and obtaining money unlawfully.

“The defendant issued the nominal complainant two checks totaling $1.6 million, but they were returned because there was no money in the defendant’s account.

“Issuing a check without proper credit is a strict liability offense.

The defendant would have waited until he received the money before writing the check on June 24, 2014, according to Taiwo, if he had been expecting money until the end of July 2014 as he claimed.

The first defendant, according to the judge, was aware of all of these and nevertheless proceeded to issue the check dated June 24, 2014.

The defendant intentionally issued the bad check, according to the court’s opinion, which is stated here.

“He is hereby found guilty of issuing a dud check on counts one and two.

However, she added, “The prosecution failed to establish the facts against the defendants, and the defendants are discharged and acquitted of stealing and obtaining money under false pretenses.

The first defendant was then given a sentence of two years in prison or a fine of N2 million, and the second defendant received a sentence of N2 million in fine.

She mandated that the convicted party pay the nominal complainant 1.6 million dollars in restitution within 18 months.

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