Gov. Babajide Sanwo-Olu of Lagos State stated on Saturday that despite 62 years of independence, Nigeria is still working to achieve freedom from terrorism and poverty.

In honor of the 62nd National Independence Day Celebration of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, Sanwo-Olu made this statement during the Independence Day parade.

The Lagos State Ministry of Home Affairs organized the parade that took place at the Mobolaji Johnson Arena in Onikan.

He claimed that the nation was still fighting to be free of the terrible effects of climate change and moral decay.

“We are celebrating the freedom from colonial rule that we achieved sixty-two years ago; today, we strive to achieve freedom from terrorism, poverty, the catastrophic effects of climate change, and from moral decline.

The governor declared that, now more than ever, “we owe it a duty to the younger generations to jointly develop a lasting solution to our challenges.”

The Union Jack was replaced by the Green-White-Green, carrying the aspirations of millions of black people in Nigeria and around the world, in Lagos, he claimed, where the story of Nigeria’s independence began.

Sanwo-Olu recognized Lagos State’s significance in Nigeria’s rising greatness because it had always set the bar high.

In the collective drive to accelerate development and bring prosperity to all parts of the country, he said that many creative initiatives that originated in Lagos had become templates for other states and even the Federal Government.

He claims that it was in Lagos that the new post-independence government emerged and began the historic task of full self-government.

“Since then, Lagos has grown by leaps and bounds in every way.

“But, despite the monumental changes that have occurred since long before Independence, one thing has remained constant: we are still the melting pot that we have always been, for people of all faiths, tongues, and socioeconomic classes.”

“Welcoming everyone and giving them the opportunity to build fortunes and destinies through hard work and perseverance, forging mini-Nigerians out of the diversity that we are constantly presented with.”

“Today, October 1, provides us with yet another opportunity to recommit to the march toward the “Greater Lagos” of our collective desire.”

“We remain committed to transforming Lagos State into a 21st-century economy, a prosperous and globally competitive Smart City State.” “We have what it takes to carry out this mandate,” he asserted.

The governor stated that the state would continue to set the pace in infrastructure development, industrialization, culture and hospitality, technology, and innovation in Nigeria.

He stated that the government would create a state that worked for everyone, with equal opportunity for everyone to pursue their legitimate aspirations.

“As your representatives and custodians of your mandate, we will keep our hands on the plough and remain focused on our goal of making life more comfortable, healthier, and prosperous for our people.”

“In closing, I’d like to pay tribute to all of our heroes, past and present, those who have labored and sacrificed over the decades, and all who continue to labor and sacrifice today, to ensure freedom for all of us.”

“I wish all Lagosians a Happy Nigerian 62nd Independence Anniversary.” May the sacrifices of our heroes past and present never be in vain. “God bless Lagos State, God bless the Federal Republic of Nigeria,” Sanwo-Olu said.

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