For many people who encounter it, Tesla has a profound psychological impact. That is because other electric vehicles lag behind Tesla in terms of technology. (EVs). Self-driving capabilities and the longest recharge range are both available in Tesla vehicles.

The Tesla Model X, for example, has butterfly doors and gets greater mileage per charge than other EVs, which is why it leads in global EV sales.

Some individuals are skeptical that a Tesla will work or cope well with Nigeria’s terrible power supply, according to 234 Drive. 234 Drive conducted a test drive in a Tesla X owned by Alkesh Thavrani, Managing Director of Lagos-based Omnik Limited, in this video.

During the test drive, it was observed that if the Tesla X is not on a road with traffic lines, the autopilot, a model X feature, will not function. This means that if the automobile is travelling on a road with no white lines (which accounts for more than half of Nigerian roads), the autopilot feature will not function.

However, this was in April 2021. We questioned another customer about his experience to see if Tesla is still locked in 2021 or has embraced reality.

Hamilton Ezeonu, a Tesla Model X owner and Nigerian businessman, told Nairametrics that Tesla cars, like mobile phones, are routinely updated.

Tech updates:

Mr Ezeonu stated that his Tesla was purchased in 2021, but by 2023, it had been modified to match the 2023 version. According to him, the cars are routinely updated, and the fact that SpaceX’s Starlink has arrived in Nigeria makes it easier for the Tesla app to perform smoothly even in the most distant places.

The cost:

Mr. Ezeonu paid $130,000 for his Tesla Model X with butterfly doors in 2021. According to Mr Ezeonu, he paid N20 million in clearance fees to get the car out of the Lagos port.

Mr Ezeonu stated that he purchased a Tesla to save money on car maintenance costs, emphasizing that electric vehicle (EV) owners do not have to worry about purchasing premium motor spirit (PMS), popularly known as petrol. He also mentioned that he purchased his Tesla for the comfort it provides.

For those looking for a less expensive EV brand, the 2021 Changan electric vehicle and charger costs $18,000 in Nigeria, including clearance fees. However, without clearing charges, the Changan brand can be bought for $13,500 These costs are subject to clearing costs fluctuations, however, these costs are valid as of January 29, 2023.

Public approval:

Although other electric vehicle products are available in Nigeria, such as the Hyundai Kona Electric, Jet Systems Motors, GIG Logistics, Max-NG, and Phoenix, Nigerians are particularly interested in Tesla products, owing to the fact that it is the most widely recognized electric vehicle and many people associate Tesla with the controversial Chief Executive Officer, Elon Musk.

Mr Ezeonu claims that young people who are aware of Tesla goods generally approach him to express their admiration for the vehicle, even if they do not own one.

Bad road network:

Mr Ezeonu stated that his Tesla Model X is self-driving and that he can set a timer for the car to turn on by itself in the morning. He told Nairametrics that he can enter his desired address into his Tesla X and the car will drive itself there. When it comes to driving his Tesla X in Lagos, Mr Ezeonu appears to be unconcerned about Nigeria’s poor road network.

He told Nairametrics that driving a Tesla in Lagos is the same as driving on poor roads in America; it’s all the same to him. He emphasized that New York has horrible roads, but that there are more Tesla automobiles in New York and California than anywhere else.

Mr Ezeonu told Nairametrics that the Tesla app is useful when programming the car. For example, if a user wants to watch traffic, the app displays the number of miles they will traverse on their route as well as an estimate of the traffic time. So, before the user leaves the house, they already know how much energy they will need on their trip.

Meanwhile, Mr Olufemi Oyefodunrin, the Country Manager for Podlocker EV Nigeria, a Lagos-based Changan EV owner, believes that driving an EV on Nigerian roads is the same as driving an ICE car. He does warn, though, that it is important to be aware of potholes when driving.

Charging a Tesla in Nigeria: 

Remember that image of a Tesla Model X breaking down on the third mainland bridge in 2021? According to several online users, the Tesla broke because the battery ran out of electricity. This post, on the other hand, suggests that the automobile tires may have developed a flaw. This is a possible because Mr Ezeonu told Nairametrics that a fully charged Tesla Model X can go 350 kilometers in his experience.

Ezeonu stated that he is currently charging from home. He mentioned having a generator output at home as the same output for an EV charging station while describing how it is done. He claims that any electrician can install a charging station in the garage near where the automobile is stored. The car’s charging port is analogous to the fuel outlet in an internal combustion engine (ICE) or petrol vehicle. The Tesla app on a smartphone can be used to track when the car is fully charged. A full charge takes roughly four to five hours for a Model X.

Power source for charging: 

Mr. Ezeonu claims that solar provides 85% of his power demands in Lagos. According to him, charging a Tesla is the same as charging a cellphone or plugging in an iron to straighten clothes, therefore the power required to charge the EV has no detrimental impact on the lithium-ion batteries that power his solar home system.

He claims that charging a Tesla uses less energy than running a water pump. He went on to say that he uses a prepaid meter for on-grid power, but solar power is his main source of energy, and he only utilizes solar energy to charge his Tesla X.

Charging for Changan electric vehicles:

Oyefodunrin told Nairametrics that his 2021 Changan EV charges in two to three hours using a mechanism unique to his company. He claims that the device regulates the EV charging mechanism, allowing the vehicle to charge faster. While discussing his company’s ambitions to establish solar-powered charging stations throughout the country, he stated:

“If a user has a three-phase meter, the device can charge the Changan EV for two to three hours. Meanwhile, those who use a one-phase meter can charge the EV for five hours. The device can work with a 6.5 KVA generator.” 

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