Mother of one of the children who died on Saturday after being struck by a school fence in Lagos’ Amukoko neighborhood told Vanguard that her 10-year-old daughter, Judith Ndujie, was scheduled to start JSS 1 on Monday.

She added that the last time she saw Judith was early on Saturday morning, just before she left for work.

At 3 p.m. on Saturday, the fence of a school with the names Covenant Point Academy and Waves of Impact Academy collapsed, killing two kids.

When the shoddily constructed fence abruptly gave way at Ajose Street, the two kids—Judith and three-year-old Samat Saheed—were unintentionally killed.

Judith informed her father that someone had been sent on an errand while she lived on the nearby street of Olumoko.

Her route took her close to the school, and as she passed the building where the fence was being built, it collapsed on her.

She allegedly bled to death and yelled “my chest” before passing away instantly.

In an empty mosque next to the school, three-year-old Samat was having fun with his friends when the fence fell and news of Judith’s passing spread panic.

Samat dashed outside and took a position in front of her mother’s nearby store.

He was watching the chaos when an unexpectedly other section of the fence fell on him.

He expired right away.

According to Fatai Abudullahi and Abiodun Abdulmaleek, Samat’s mother sells beans in front of the school.

According to Judith’s mother, who spoke to Vanguard, she left her daughter with her father before heading out to work and learned of her child’s passing when she got back.

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