In a recent interview with Saturday Beats, veteran Nigerian musician Femi Kuti revealed that he discussed the theme of nation building and the current state of the country with Labour Party presidential candidate Peter Obi.

Femi Kuti’s revelation comes just days after he was threatened by Obidients, a group of people who support Peter Obi’s presidential bid.

Femi, the eldest son of legendary Afrobeat connoisseur Fela Anikulapo-Kuti, became the target of Internet trolls after claiming that being ‘OBIdient’ in Nigeria was “tantamount to being a zombie.”

He has since clarified his statement, but former Anambra state governor Peter Obi has warned his supporters not to pay him a visit this week.

During a recent interview, Femi Kuti stated unequivocally that he never referred to ‘Obidients’ as ‘zombies,’ a derogatory term popularized by his father, Fela Anikulapo-Kuti, following the release of the eponymous album in 1977.

Femi Kuti clarified his statement once more, saying,

“A particular journalist came to the New Afrikan Shrine and I expressed my views, only for people to start attacking me because the media falsely reported that I called Obi’s supporters zombies, which I did not do.” I saw the post when I got home and quickly corrected it so that I didn’t refer to them as zombies. But they persisted in attacking me. Some even threatened to set fire to the Shrine. I had to make a video explaining what I meant in simple terms.”

Kuti went on to say that while he did not want to discuss the specifics of his meeting with Obi because it was private, he did admit that they discussed politics and the state of the nation.

“I don’t think it’s right for me to tell you about my conversation with Obi,” he explained.

“But, if he comes out saying something different than what actually happened,” the Grammy nominee continued, “I would then have to talk, at least to set the record straight.”

“However, I can give you the gist of our conversation.” We talked about how bad Nigeria is, and I gave him some ideas about what I thought needed to be done to get the country back on track.”

Femi Kuti also stated that Peter Obi spoke out against the threats he received after it was claimed that he referred to Obidients as “Zombies.”

“He also mentioned that campaigns should not involve threats, and he said that was why he came to apologize to me for the actions of some of his followers who threatened and abused me on social media,” Kuti continued.

He also stated that he does not have a favorite candidate for the upcoming presidential election in 2023. Kuti stated that he would continue to criticize any political leader, regardless of position.

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