The father of the five stepchildren he set on fire, Mr. Joseph Ojo, has claimed that the kids’ mother joined them in beating him and that’s why he did it.

Ojo claimed he had 10 children and had been married to four different women.

He spoke as he was being paraded through Akure, the capital of Ondo State, to the police headquarters.

Ojo claimed he went without food even though he gave money and denied strangling his first wife.

He claimed, “I’m 64 years old. I’ve wed four different wives. My first wife was not strangled by me. I am the father of ten kids by various women. The last woman I married does not provide me with food if I give her money and she purchases it. My clothes are not washed by her. She always challenges me. Our relationship has lasted for two years. She used to fight with her kids and beat me. They fight all the time.

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