Honourable Moshood Salvador has been formally introduced as the Labour Party’s gubernatorial candidate in Lagos State, even as he officially announced his defection to the Labour Party in front of the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC).

The event took place on Wednesday, and Salvador used the occasion to inform the public about his decision to abandon the ruling party in favor of the Labour Party, also known as the third force.

“I switched from the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) to the APC because I was disappointed that the main opposition party had never been prepared to win elections in Lagos State.” Because of my people, I had to relocate to the APC. APC refused to allow my people to benefit from anyone, so we relocated to a location where my people could be recognized. My people were promised 100 jobs at the Lagos State Traffic Management Agency (LASTMA), the Lagos Waste Management Agency (LAWMA), and Neighbourhood Watch by the APC.

“They also promised us commissioner and special adviser positions, but none of them were fulfilled.” They also barred my constituents from attending ward, local government, and state meetings,” he claimed.

“APC did not recognize my people, so they came to me and requested that we move to the Labour Party, and the Labour Party has given my people opportunities to become candidates at various levels,” Salvador added.

“About a month ago, people approached me and asked that I run as the party’s governorship candidate in Lagos State, and the substitution window provided by the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) was used to place Wynne as the party’s governorship candidate in Lagos State.” By the grace of God, as the next governor of Lagos State, the work has begun, and victory will reverberate throughout the country,” he added.

On his chances of winning the Lagos State election in the face of competition from larger parties such as the APC and PDP, Salvador asked, “Is the PDP still relevant in Lagos State?” The PDP does not have any votes in Lagos. Lagosians, as we all know, have rejected the APC. Let me tell you that the Conscience Forum in the APC has over 300,000 members. Those we met at the party are both suffering and laughing. They are not concerned with the party’s well-being. “They’re use and dump,” he explained.

Alhaji Bashiru Lamidi Apapa, Deputy National Chairman of the Labour Party, urged members to assist Salvador in reaching his goal, emphasizing that he is a poor man who only wants to advance in service delivery so that he can help the people.

“I am delighted to welcome him to the Labour Party.” The party represents family and is the only place where people can advance. You must work for the party’s success because the people you will face have stolen so much. If they give you money and you can’t resist, take it and vote against them because it’s your money and we need to get rid of them.

“Peter Obi is our presidential candidate, and you will vote for him, as well as Moshood Salvador and the other candidates.”

“Go and get your Permanent Voters Cards (PVCs) if you haven’t already,” he added. We missed a number of opportunities in the, so let us make the most of this one. “Don’t stay at home during elections,” he advised.

Honourable Arambabe, the Party’s National Publicity Secretary, urged members to support the party and ensure that they campaign for all candidates, emphasizing that the Labour Party is the best platform to use to kick looters out of power and eradicate slavery and poverty from society.

The event was well attended by state party executives led by Seyi Sorunmi and national leaders of the party, including the national legal adviser, Akinbode Olalekan, National Financial Secretary, Gbenga Daramola, senatorial, House of Representatives, and House of Assembly candidates.

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