Bola Tinubu, the presidential candidate of the ruling All Progressive Congress (APC), has angered Ifeanyi Okechukwu, the executive director of the Centre for Reforms and Public Advocacy (CRPA), with his opinions on how climate change will affect the nation. In his remarks to the Arewa interactive committee on October 17 in Kaduna, Tinubu stated that for Nigeria to adhere to climate change regulations, developed nations must be prepared to offer financial support.

In a statement provided to on Tuesday, October 18, Okechukwu claimed that Tinubu’s position on the matter demonstrated that he was out of touch with the values of contemporary progressive administration.

Okechukwu asserts that the APC presidential candidate has disproved his eligibility to serve as Nigeria’s president.

His words:

“It becomes confusing for a presidential candidate who claimed to have been advised to stick to his script yet, even in the brief minute that he had to unbuckle his seatbelt, he flew into stormy skies in his response to the topic of climate change. Instead, he launched a threat against Western nations using a bizarre and profane ecclesiastical metaphor.

“It would have been expected that Tinubu would have expressed his concern and empathy for the victims of flooding that is still devastating many states in the north and many more states in the south on the stage of the famous Arewa House and in response to the question put to him.

As we speak, numerous areas in the north and south of the nation have seen severe flooding brought on by greenhouse effects. While the nation’s policymakers and legislators are preoccupied with planning how to invest in projects that will build water farms or widen internal waterways, here comes Tinubu, who is so ignorant of the science and reality of climate change.

The head of the CRPA highlighted that the difficulties that the nation’s future president would face are significant and that it would be risky for Nigerians to elect a leader with an antiquated view of governance.

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