The Federal Government responded to the uproar caused by its allegations that it spent $1,250,000 to remove Nigerians who were stuck in Sudan.

The Nigerian government was allegedly using a “fake” evacuation plan, according to the Civil Society Legislative Advocacy Centre, or CISLAC.

According to the report, some students gave money to the bus drivers who were transporting Nigerians out of the unstable Sudan.

However, the government clarified on Sunday that the money allegedly spent on bus rentals for the evacuation of Nigerian students from Sudan was necessary due to the dire circumstances of the war.

The Ministry of Humanitarian Affairs’ spokesperson, Mrs. Rhoda Iliya, provided the justification on Sunday.

Iliya clarified that the 1.2 million dollars in question were negotiated in the context of a time of conflict in which other nations that were also attempting to evacuate their citizens had competing demands for the same bus services.

The administration stated that the outcry over the agreed-upon figure of 1.2 million dollars was uncalled for while pleading for the collaboration and understanding of all Nigerians.

It advised Nigerians to ignore any unsubstantiated information spreading on social media since some of it may be the result of ignorance or pure malice.

Before the extended 72-hour ceasefire agreement expires, the government reaffirmed its commitment to the safe evacuation of all Nigerians trapped in Sudan.

Six hundred and thirty-seven (637) evacuees in total had arrived to the designated safe borders in Aswan, Egypt, during this time. They would be evacuated to Nigeria after receiving the required paperwork and clearance.

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